Specifications and choice of solution

Specifications and choice of solution

Context and issues

We make the decision regarding the purchase of an integrated software package to meet the following issues:

We are independent from any software package solution and we conducted projects on different software package solutions which allowed us to be fully soaked with the difficulties encountered and parades to be implemented.

Talys Consulting contribution

Our intervention upstream of these transformation projects (for the choice of the solution), allows us to notify you about the risk points and offer the methods to reduce and control these risks in order to increase the chances of success of these projects.

Our methods and tools allow us to help you develop specifications of the target IT System with efficient approach showing the standard functionalities of the software package solutions enriched in workshop with your particular needs.

Our support concerning the choice of solution guarantees you convergence towards an internal consensus. We support you to define the selection criteria, the weighting of these criteria for the analysis of the editors’ offers, for the preparation of the analysis synthesis and for the negotiation phase.

Approach and Contribution


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