Project Ownership Assistance: ERP migration data recovery, interfaces

Project Ownership Assistance: ERP migration data recovery, interfaces

Context and issues

Data migration is a data transformation process which consists in transporting existing data from an heterogeneous source environment to feed a new target environment.

Data migration in a transformation project is a site which has many risks, because, generally, data were entered into a specific or permissive existing system, these data should migrate to an ERP with target management rules.

Arbitrations are therefore necessary in order not to have any impact on the final customer and often a reliable site shall be implemented simultaneously in order to minimize issues to deal with out of the ERP.

Talys Consulting contribution

Thalys technical consultants support you in defining your projects technical architecture , they supervise and help your technical teams while ensuring the transfer of skills and necessary training so that your staff become independent and take over the project technical environment

The methodological rigour, the heterogeneity of the technology, the know-how, the experience feedbacks and specificities of occupations we gained during large IT System Integration engineering projects allow us to offer a comprehensive solution for optimal process industrialization

Talys consulting capitalized on the approaches and tools for data migration following the different projects

Our experience feedbacks allowed us to develop expertise in this field.

We offer an ETL open source for data mapping.

Approach and Contribution


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