Process steering

Context and issues

Facing a strong competitive environment and in constant evolution, companies must continuously adapt its strategies and make the necessary mutations to its structures and organizations.
If the efficiency of business processes gives the company safe strategic advantage, by contrast, any malfunction of these last mentioned can become a real impediment to economic and organizational development of the company.
In addition, the richness of current IT Systems adds complexity in carrying out last diagnosis, due to process break for example, but can also hide redundancy or non-performance strategic functions.
Therefore, the process steering becomes essential in the light of economic requirements relating to the business (satisfaction of internal and external customers, better risk control, better business efficiency, cost reduction, responsiveness to the emergence of competitive bids, process optimization, ...).

Talys-Consulting contribution

Talys consulting supports you to implement a corporate culture focused on process steering thanks to proven approach and support of all corporate entities.
We provide our customers with the best practices, first through support to adapt the strategic targets of the business processes, process mapping, KPIs selection and especially a change management to create a dynamic business so that process pilots fully play their roles and be guarantors of their respective processes targets.



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