IT System urbanization / Project Ownership

IT System urbanization / Project Ownership – Project Management Assistance

Context and issues

In a context of permanent adaptation to economic requirements and unceasing technological innovations, IT system (IS) management becomes crucial in enterprises concerned with its performance and efficiency of its investments. The IT system is finally considered as a strategic lever that provides value and promotes agility.
In order to remain competitive, companies developed IT system urbanization approaches, a top-down approach with the following objectives:

Talys consulting contribution

Talys consulting support you to define a target application landscape able to cover all your functional needs. The consultants’ team will be proactive and help you:

Talys consulting allows you to follow the necessary approach to achieve the ultimate goal using tools applied in the best practices

Approach and Contribution

Our approach consists in defining 5 town planning scheme, namely:

Once the IT System is urbanized, the Project Ownership assistance can be in the choice of solution or to specific development.

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